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Fraud Mitigation

We demonstrate prepaid card risks coupled with fraud mitigation strategies.

How do negative balances occur on prepaid cards?


Do I need to issue EMV cards? and If so, how does this affect my liability and consumers?


How do I protect my prepaid card program?

Criminals are working optimally to find flaws in your system that they can exploit. Are you?

Double Diamond Group Prepaid leverages its knowledge and experience to create customized documentation
that highlights:

  • Specific prepaid card fraud threats.
  • Transaction and pattern Red Flags to watch for based on clients’ individual business needs.
  • Best practices for addressing each threat and for strengthening your prevention and detection policies
    and procedures.

Our documentation is customized to your business and card programs, creating a powerful and flexible
mitigation tool.

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Prepaid Services we offer:

Partner Selection

For companies looking for the optimal bank or processor for their prepaid card program, Double Diamond Group Prepaid offers the most comprehensive and objective partner selection services available.


Prepaid Program Development

Looking to set up a new prepaid card program or change partners? Double Diamond Group Prepaid is ready and prepared to get your prepaid card program to market quickly.


Fraud Mitigation

Double Diamond Group Prepaid can tell you current risks, trends and risks coupled with fraud mitigation strategies.


Program Analysis

Double Diamond Group Prepaid will examine every aspect of your prepaid program, identify its weaknesses, and recommend appropriate remedies.


Risk Assessment

Double Diamond Group Prepaid provides companies with a thorough understanding of the prepaid programs and the current fraud tools to have in place.


“We appreciated how professionally the Double Diamond Group and Rich Consulting team managed the project. They were genuinely interested in our success, and worked as partners throughout the entire process by continually looking for ways to provide value.”

Russ Jones

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aggregation solutions.

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Prepaid Programs

In today’s competitive market, creating and maintaining a successful prepaid program requires solid partners, capable management and proactive maintenance.

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