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Such a move as Pose’s, when there are scores of tablet- and cloud-based POS options, may help it stand out, suggests Rick Oglesby senior analyst at Double Diamond Group, a Centennial, Colo.-based payments consulting firm.

It could be an evolutionary step, he says. “A basic POS system that is good for small-to-medium-size merchants is rapidly becoming a commodity and is generally available as part of a merchant-processing agreement at no additional cost,” Oglesby says.

“Companies that offer these solutions need to either monetize their offering through payments, or they need to push the envelope on features in order to offer a product that stands out from the commoditized solutions to the point that companies will pay for them,” Oglesby says. “There’s a lot of potential value in more advanced POS systems, but those that provide basic electronic cash register and payments capabilities are not attracting much in terms of standalone value.”

Digital Transactions, July 21, 2014