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Todd Ablowitz, president of Double Diamond Group, a consulting firm in Centennial, Colo., said he believes an NFC-enabled iPhone will be available next year.

Apple, however, will still need to figure out its place in what has become a complicated business model for NFC, Ablowitz said.

The technology’s primary challenge has been determining how to share transaction revenues among the card brands, issuers, mobile operators and handset manufacturers.

Apple’s entrance into the conversation is notable because the company has “been so incredible in reinventing business models,” Ablowitz said.

He said Apple can change the payments business model in a way that could cause quite a disruption. Payments “is arguably inefficient in terms of the value chain, it’s got entrenched, long-term players, it’s got technology disruption ripe to happen and it’s an ecosystem where a leader could make big gains,” Ablowitz said.

Mobile Banker, August 24, 2010