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Betting on simplicity over razzle-dazzle digital-wallet features, Buck Inc. is making headway with a mobile e-commerce payment technology it claims goes a long way toward accomplishing what many mobile wallets aim to do.

Touting what it says is the fastest available mobile online-checkout service, Seattle-based Buck, formerly called Billing Revolution, enables consumers to make credit and debit card purchases with a single click, skipping the hassle of entering a user name or password.

Buck joins a plethora of payment technologies designed to enhance mobile e-commerce and faces steep competition to win over merchants and consumers, some analysts suggest.

The simplicity of Buck’s checkout process and the fact that it leverages consumers’ existing card accounts is a plus, Todd Ablowitz, president of Centennial, Colo.-based Double Diamond Group, LLC, tells PaymentsSource, while disclosing he is on the firm’s board of directors.

“The key to all of these schemes is getting users, and that is what Buck must do now in order to persuade more merchants to adopt it,” Ablowitz says.

Payments Source, February 15, 2012