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Chirpify, a social media payments system that went live early last year, announced on Tuesday it is adding direct payment via cards and the automated clearing house network. Up to now, the Chirpify wallet worked exclusively with PayPal.

Todd Ablowitz, president at Centennial, Colo.-based payments consultancy Double Diamond Group who follows PSPs, says Chirpify made the right move in diversifying beyond PayPal within months of starting up. “It’s essential to make [payments] available to the widest amount of sellers with the least amount of friction,” he says. “Even relatively new types of payment like PayPal have their own friction points.”

Chirpify isn’t the first processor to try social media payments, nor the first to modify its payment methods. Twitpay, which was founded in Atlanta in 2008, also specialized in social-media payments, particularly on Twitter, and relied on PayPal, cards, and the ACH. It ended up being acquired a year ago by Acculynk Inc., a software developer that enables PIN-debit transactions in e-commerce. Renamed Payzur, the Twitpay service has been reborn on social media using debit-network rails.

Digital Transactions, June 11, 2013