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As the acquiring business becomes increasingly complex, it’s more important than ever for ISOs to recruit, nurture and retain the best independent sales agents, a new study shows.

“That’s how ISOs can see success,” said Rick Oglesby, who conducted the study as head of Double Diamond Payments Research LLC, a new enterprise that’s associated with the established Double Diamond Group consulting firm. “The ones that don’t figure that out are going to be left holding the bag.”

The “Agents of Change” survey—which centered on independent agents who run their own businesses and do not work as regular ISO employees—indicated ISOs can’t afford to squander time on nonperforming salespeople, Oglesby said.

“If you go with the basic mass-market strategy—come one, come all—you’ll end up with a lot of nonperforming agents,” he maintained. “A lot of effort goes into recruiting agents, and often there’s not much return on it.”

ISO & Agent, August 26, 2014