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Today, I am thrilled that we are launching a new research report that provides an unprecedented, deep analysis of the acquiring market, its overall health and future, and provides a roadmap for the maximization of acquiring organizational valuations.

We conducted confidential interviews with active merchant acquirers to get their unfiltered take on what’s really happening in merchant acquiring, and their take was eye-opening. These organizations show little trepidation about the future, in fact they’re charging full steam ahead

In the report findings, we outline the six key reasons why CFOs are bullish and investing heavily in their sector. We further analyze the information that the CFOs provided along with a variety of other data on valuation, transaction growth rates, margins, earnings and others, and used it to create specific criteria that can be used to identify the most attractive acquisition targets and/or investments in merchant acquiring. This same criteria can also be used by operating companies to improve their own valuations.

To learn more about the report and its eye-opening findings: Acquiring Acquirers: Why Insiders are Bullish on the Acquiring Sector, or contact us at (623) 252-5419 or at research@doublediamondgroup.com.