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Despite ViVOtech’s liquidation and OTI’s troubles, however, observers don’t see moves such as those taken by the dissident OTI shareholders as a vote of no confidence in NFC, a promising mobile technology that has taken far longer to catch on than most proponents had expected. Instead, the dissidents likely see potential profits in NFC that they’d like to tap sooner rather than later. “They believe NFC is an opportunity but [OTI] needs to exploit it better,” observes Todd Ablowitz, a former ViVOtech executive and now a consultant with Double Diamond Group, Centennial, Colo. “NFC will have its time. It’s still better than anything else I’ve seen.”

Companies like OTI and ViVOtech have also suffered from being early in the slow-moving NFC market. Ablowitz says. “It’s natural that when something takes this long, the early players would really struggle by now,” he notes. “I don’t think dissident shareholder revolts are done when companies are knocking it out of the park.”

Digital Transactions, December 31, 2012