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“Consumers, like employees, can only handle one adjacency at a time. No more. I can’t learn two things at once,” says Todd Ablowitz, a payments consultant who is president of Double Diamond Group. “If you give people too much too soon, they can’t handle it. The consumer will give you more if you give them more time, provided you’re giving them something that they value.”

Slow rollouts take far more corporate support, since they delay the promised ROI dollars. But any initiative that’s launched “because we need the revenue to hit by the end of this quarter” is misguided at best. Your need for immediate ROI is not motivating for your customers or your rank-and-file employees.

“The realities of quarterly demands cramp how companies function. Corporate attempts at innovation are literally suffocated by it,” Ablowitz says. “Few companies can adequately combat that, and Starbucks is one of them.”

Computerworld, January 14, 2014