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Most merchant services providers will fail in their integrated payments and mobile POS strategies, concludes To Be or Not to Be an ISV? Double Diamond Payments Research’s latest report.

To Be or Not to Be an ISV? analyzes the major sea change that is underway in the merchant acquiring sector. Stand-alone payment services are being replaced by integrated services that bundle payments within a growing set of software services, and the trend is accelerating thanks to mobile technology. The implications of this movement are profound, requiring the transformation of business models, product and marketing strategies, distribution strategies, pricing strategies, and targeting strategies for ISOs, acquirers, processors, technology vendors, and integrated software vendors (ISVs). ISOs and acquirers, specifically, are faced with the question “should I, or should I not become an ISV?” This report answers that question, as well as many others.

The findings are based on DDPR’s analysis of interviews with senior to c-level product experts from 26 payment processing providers across all size tiers. The interviews focused on industry efforts to transform in response to industry changes, and the challenges that come with being in a state of transition.

 “This report addresses the challenges faced by the technology vendors, ISOs, and acquirers as a result of this sea change and concludes that many organizations have the wrong strategy,” said Rick Oglesby, senior research analyst, DDPR, and report author. “It provides a specific approach through which merchant services and solutions providers can identify and pursue the right strategies for future success”.

 For more information about the report, To Be or Not To Be an ISV? Integrated Payments Strategies for Merchant Solutions Providers, email research@doublediamondgroup.com.