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Todd Ablowitz, President of Double Diamond Group LLC, suggested ISOs and MLSs relate new technology “to something that they’re already using.” He pointed out that many people who aren’t technologically savvy will still use the self-serve kiosk at the airport rather than waiting in a long line. This could be brought to the attention of retailers who are leery of using self-service payment methods in their stores.

Ablowitz said the decision-making process for selecting payment processing solutions differs from the process used when purchasing consumer products. He added that whether they are considering a technological product, service or bundle of both, merchants want to solve business problems and improve their return on investment.

Ablowitz stated that ISOs and MLSs must understand enough to field merchants’ questions and explain what adopting a given technology will mean for merchants and how it can help them.

Ablowitz said a merchant who doesn’t trust you won’t grasp the benefits of your offerings, no matter how clearly you outline them. “People trust you if you appear to have knowledge and are confident about the knowledge that you have,” he said.

The Green Sheet, July 27, 2009