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Where Will The Payment Facilitator Model Expand And Why – Double Diamond Group

Where Will The Payment Facilitator Model Expand And Why – Double Diamond Group

Todd Ablowitz, payment facilitator expert speaks about the expansion of the payment facilitator model – the where and the why.


Whether you are a PSP or Payment Facilitator needing templated or customized underwriting and risk monitoring procedures, or an acquirer looking for a frictionless boarding solution, Double Diamond Group can lead you effectively and efficiently to the best decisions and the best results.

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Payments Aggregation – A Small Merchant Acceptance Model

When it comes to acquiring small- and moderate-sized merchants, reducing friction during the sign-up process is critical. Whether using a PSP or Payment Facilitator aggregation model, or alternative tools, more and more acquirers and digital commerce providers are cracking the code on frictionless merchant acceptance. Double Diamond Group President Todd Ablowitz weighs in on the benefits of aggregation as a small merchant acceptance model.

NFC and Cloud as Complementary Technologies Highlights

In this video, see the highlights of the interview with Todd Ablowitz, the founder of Double Diamond Group, on NFC and cloud as complementary technologies. Watch the video to hear why Todd thinks cloud-based payments can work well with NFC in the payments ecosystem, and where technologies like bar codes and QR codes fit into the mix.

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